At HealWithin we practice Integrated Holistic Medical Solutions where we combines Western, Herbal, Naturopathic and Complementary medicine with a holistic and customized approach to help individuals achieve OPTIMAL levels of health. A holistic approach includes diet, lifestyle, nutritional therapy, detoxification, integrated health screening, weight control, mood psychology and education.
Using this method we have successfully treated common chronic diseases – heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure etc. within a short amount of time. We have helped our clients to cut down medication, avoid unnecessary surgery and maintain optimal health for long periods after treatment. Some clients also achieve great results with in our wellness programs like fat loss, weight gain, detox and cleansing.


Integrated Holistic Medical Solutions

Machine Therapy Meal plan Medicine Mental-Emotional balance Health coach Excercise Herbs Nutrition
  • Doctor of Medicine – UPM
  • National Drug Substitution Therapy – Ministry of Health
  • Nutritional Medicine – SAHAMM
  • Medical Nutrition (Parenteral) – SAHAMM
  • Regenerative Medicine Research & Practice –  PROTHERAPIX
  • Chelation & Parenteral Nutrient Therapy – SAHAMM
  • Post-graduate Endocrine Course – Malaysian Endocrine & Metabolic Society
  • Hormones and Healthy Aging Medicine – SAHAMM
  • Hormones Therapy – SAHAMM
  • Injectable Nutrients – SAHAMM
  • Anti-aging, Aesthetic and Re-generative Medicine – SAAARMM
  • Congress on Menopause – M’sian Menopause Society
  • DTECT Practitioner Program – M’sian Genomics Resource Centre
  • Heavy Metal Elimination – SAHAMM
  • FILORGA Medical Combines Therapies – FILORGA Labs
  • Cancer Management Care Protocol – Genopharma

  • Integrated Holistic Medical Solutions to customised for every patient according to their individual condition.
  • Certified medical physician with over 13 years experience and delivered over 20,000 health reports.
  • Helped over 1000 patients to avoid surgery and cut down medication.
  • Certified by over 25 established Integrated and Regenerative medicine courses.
  • High healing success rate.
  • Certified medical center with equipment and facilities.
  • Dedicated medical team.

HealWithin is a DISEASE REVERSAL or Healing oriented clinic rather than the conventional disease management or symptomatic treatment based clinics. Besides disease reversal programs for accute and chronic ailments such as Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Fatty Liver, Hepatitis B and C, Uric acid and more; our services also include  wellness programs and health screening. Dr. Lee Cheng Lok is the mastermind behind the protocol development in HealWithin.

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Meet the Founders

Klinik Holistic Healthcare was founded in 2008 by Dr. Lee Cheng Lok and company. Teaming up with Cassandra Chong in 2014 HealWithin – the parent company of Klinik Holistic Healthcare was launched. Dr. Lee Cheng Lok is the medical director and mastermind to all treatment, wellness program, products and services at HealWithin. Cassandra Chong on the other hand, takes care of the management and administration of HealWithin.


Integrated & Regenerative Medicine Approach

Customised to individual clients needs for maximises effectiveness.


Highly Experienced Doctors

Certified medical physician with over 13 years experience and delivered over 20,000 health reports.


Over 1000 Patients off Surgery

Helped over 1000 patients to avoid surgery and cut down medication.


Updated & Certified on Latest Methods

Certified by 25+ established Integrated & Regenerative medicine courses.


High Healing Success Rate

High percentage of clients that undergo Heal Within's programs experience total healing and wellness.


State-of-the-art Technologies & Facilities

Certified medical center with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.


Dedicated Medical Team

Our team is passionate and committed to our work and mission. Doing what we are called to do.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Striving to deliver results in Healing & wellness, yet striving to do that to exceed client's level of satisfaction.


Ideally Sized

Not too big, not clumped small. Ideally sized so our clients get individual attention and care.

Client's Case Features

What a joy to see the transformation in the health condition of our patients.
Many come in with lost hope but return full of confidence and joy.
Here are some of our patient's stories worth knowing about.
How to help and to improve your heart disease WITHOUT surgery and/or suffering from side effects of medication


Health Education

The more you know about your body, the more you are in control of your health.
You don't need to go through medical school; just 15 minutes a day to read a health article will be very beneficial.
You can begin right here... right now!


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