Most people believe that cancer is a dangerous disease and it’s hard to cure. The rate at which cancer is increasing in men now-a-days is quite alarming. The condition of cancer is known to be very difficult to reverse once it reaches an uncontrollable advanced state. Notwithstanding, if detected early, it is comparatively easier to treat.

This article presents to you 10 early symptoms of cancer in men which can help you to treat cancer earlier.

The early symptoms of cancer in men are mentioned below:


Bowel changes:

It is common to face casual bowel problems, but sometimes this can be an early sign of either colon or even rectal cancer. However, this is collectively called colorectal cancers. Moreover, you can get cancer anywhere in your colon, while rectal cancer damages your rectum, which links the colon to your anus.

Urinary changes:

With the passage of time and age, you can develop urinary changes and some other incontinences. However, many times some symptoms may point to prostate cancer. This type of cancer is most common in men in the ages between 50 and 60 and even older.

The most common urinary symptoms include:

– Sudden urine leaks

– Incontinency

– Urine delays

– Much Strain during urination

– The inability to go for urination despite sensations

Rectal bleeding: 

For finding rectal cancer, rectal bleeding is an early sign. The condition is concerning, if you feel the deficiency of blood due to excessive blood loss. In most severe cases, you may even find blood in stools.

Moreover, there are also many kind of causes for rectal bleeding in which the Hemorrhoids is highlight. You can observe colon cancer mostly at the age of 50.

Blood in your urine:

Sometimes, we neglect our problems just by saying it will be cure after sometime but it’s not like. You should give importance to your problem. However, if you have notice blood in your urine then you should concern with you doctor. Because this can be Bladder cancer. However, if you are a smoker then it is common to have Bladder cancer.

Continuous back pain:

We take back pain as a disability but this is not true in all cases. However, many of us considered it as a symptoms of cancer. Moreover, it is difficult to find out cancer until its spread to other parts of the body, such as in spine bones. Let’s take an example, Prostate cancer develops in bones and its symptoms are back in pain and in lower hip bones.

Unusual/ severe coughing:

You may face unusual coughing if you diagnose lung cancer. Mostly we relate coughing to the smokers, but it is not right always. If you don’t feel any time of related coughing symptoms like a stuffy nose or even fever, then you must consult your doctor because it is not due to any virus.

However, coughing with bloody mucus is directly link to lung cancer in men. Beware!

Testicular cancers:

It is most common in men than any other type kind of cancer such as lungs, prostate or colon. However, lumps in your testicles are the prominent symptoms of testicular cancer. It is better to go to doctor and have monthly check up.

Excessive fatigue:

It is due to some chronic disease or some illness. But it is not always right to have excessive fatigue. Due to cancer cells start to grow and reproduce rapidly and you start feeling slow and weak.

Excessive fatigue is the most common symptoms of numerous type of cancers. Please go to a doctor if you feel much tired and even unable to enjoy sound sleep at night.

Unexplained weight loss:

No doubt with age many things undergoes changes in which weight is also included. But when it starts to fall rapidly then it is a concerning thing and needs your intention. This can be due to health problems which include cancer.

If you observe excessive weight loss without any change in diet plan, then you must need to concern with your doctor.

Lumps in the Breast/Chest:

Breast cancer is not only associated with the women, but men also need to check for lumps in the chest area. If you found lumps, then this is the common cause of cancer, especially in men. You need to consult with your doctor.


Take charge: Many times it’s hard to diagnose cancer but many types of cancer can easily detectable. So, it is more beneficial to consult with your doctor while having time until it’s too late.