…When the blood start flowing well into the brain...

During the first visit, she was not alert and not oriented. She was not able to communicate well with people and she cannot recognize us. I remembered she called one of us, who was wearing white coat, as “Hantu!”. She scream out loud and terrify us though. Huhu…

We have been witnessing her progress day by day. She became more alert and able to comprehend what others said. During day 3 treatment, the caregiver mentioned that she started to scold people when she was unhappy. She was alert with what happened around her.
… and just recently, after the 20th Treatment, she keep communicating with our health coach during the session, asking when the treatment will stop. And at the end of that session, she said “Thank you!” and that little word really make our day.
Before she went out of the treatment room, she quickly told the health coach.
“Ei! Tutup lampu!”. She pointed at the light switch. Hehe.. so cute auntie.
Before they leave, one of the health coach talk to her

” Auntie, esok jumpa lagi!”
She rolled her eyes and said “Haaa? Esok datang lagi?”

“Ya lah auntie, hari hari datang baru boleh baik..”

“Ok lorr..”

Auntie, we’re just so happy that you regain your alertness, consciousness and memory back!
And this allow us to ponder upon the magnificent creation of brain created by God.
God, thank you for the brain You have bestowed upon us all this while.