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Case Sharing 1: Colon, Cervical, Breast & Throat Cancer


Case Sharing 2: Prostate Cancer

Patient Mr. C, age 72, was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer on Aug 2016. He came to Heal Within®for our Integrated Cancer Treatment. 

Treatment Period in 4 months

  • Investigation: Comprehensive – Toxins, Hormone & Nutrition
  • Treatment 1 – Colon, Liver & Blood Detox
  • Treatment 2 – IV Therapy after Removal Amalgam & Change of Metal
  • Denture, ECP Therapy and Sweat & Cellular Detoxification
  • Treatment 3 – Rehabilitation – Nutrients & Herbs (Injectable & Oral)
  • Treatment 4 – Natural Hormone Therapy

Outcomes after 4 months:

1.NO Surgery since treatment started
2.NO Side effect because we are using herbs, nutrition, food therapy
3.IMPROVE Quality of Life: Sleep well, Eat well, Pass motion well, urinate well & energetic
4. Cancer cell inside blood (Circulating Tumer Cell Test – CTC Test) REDUCE from 700 units to 50 units in 1ml of blood


Case Sharing 3: Breast Cancer 

Patient Mdm. L, age 43


Breast cancer stage 3 to 4, had done operation and on chemotherapy (2nd cycle) and radiotherapy

Her Objectives:

  1. Looking for 2nd opinion before proceeding with the chemotherapy and radiotherapy
  2. Prepare her body before the start of chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment to minimise the side effects 

Heal Within’s Treatment Objectives:

  1. To build up her gut environment and immune system first before she undergo conventional therapy
  2. Dietary advise 
  3. To reduce the side effect of Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy
  4. Improve Quality of Life


  1. Patient compare herself with others during visiting oncology, she noticed that she is must better.
  2. She feel more energetic, can pass motion well, appetite is good (IMPROVE Quality of Life)
  3. During the whole process of Chemotherapy, she is coping well with the support from Heal Within’s treatment (food, herbs & nutrition therapy)
  4. Treatment ongoing