Experiencing the machine of intelligence!

29th July 2016

After the last patients left the clinic. The 3 of us (Health Coaches) quickly went to the back room. It was ECP day and we were excited to taste the machine! As promised, each one of us were given the chance to experience a 15-minute session of External Counter Pulsation (ECP) therapy.

The feeling was good and it was just like having 6 people massaging the leg. Even more, knowing the science behind the machine makes the goodness feel greater.

Now, lets get into the question. What is this ECP?

Our blood system function as a transportation system that supply every cells with nutrients, hormones, antibody and other essential elements needed. This blood flows throughout the body as the heart beats. Every beat is precious, providing our cells with adequate oxygen and nutrients supply to live on.

Just imagine, the heart had been beating continuously ever since you were born and has never stopped up till this very second. Without right care, do you think the heart will last long? And have you ever thought, since the heart had been working so hard to provide others with essential supply, how about the heart itself. Don’t they also need their own oxygen and nutrients supply to continue living ?


God has created mankind in the best form and He bestows upon us this miraculous design of heart that no machine can ever compete. Do you know that the heart will get its own precious supply when it is at rest. Meaning to say, after each beat, as the heart rest in just a second, the blood will flow to the heart muscle cells providing essential nutrients and oxygen, ensuring its sustainability.

Based on this principle, you’ll understand how ECP machine may improves your blood circulation in a miraculous way.

In a simpler words, ECP machine will pump your legs when your heart is at rest, providing more blood supply to your heart,supplying more blood and oxygen. Not only that, this process stimulate your body to produce substances that induce the generation of new blood vessels in the heart.

Now, as you read this, what comes to your mind?

Do you realise that what this machine do is actually generate NATURAL by-pass for you without any surgery! How cool is that.

As the picture above shows, the heart will heal as this ECP therapy will open up new “roads”  to reach the dead-cells where previously the blood flow was blocked by plaque.

Don’t you think this therapy is simple yet effective ?

“But hey, how long should I go through this therapy?”

That’s a good question. If you notice, treatment like Coronary Artery By-pass Graft (CABG), Angioplasty, putting in stents, ECP… all these sound like a “Mechanic Doctor” treating the structure of the heart. It sounds so mechanical and in future, will the patient have risk of developing another blocks?

Sadly to say…  yes!

After 1 by-pass surgery,
or putting in 1 stent,
or completed 35 sessions of ECP therapy,
patients do have risk of developing new block and that IS ONLY IF…


They are just so many factors that could lead to your heart blockage. It could be to your diet, or your lifestyle, or toxicity of heavy metals. These are just to name a few.

Thus, in HealWithin, we look into the root cause of illness and further help our clients to attain optimum health. The ECP therapy itself is a part of the modalities that we provide to help our heart disease and stroke patients. This ECP therapy in combination with multiple modalities such as nutrients and herbal therapy, ozone therapy, IV chelation therapy, bio-identical hormones therapy can help clients attain optimum health with better quality of life.

It’s simple and logical right? As your body gets better, you may not need the medications as you previously do.

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