Most heart patients would know at least one Viagra Joke. Yet, at the same time, those same heart patients would be secretly using that same Viagra to overcome their sexual dysfunction, not understanding the fact that while Viagra could help give them that sudden ‘UPRISING’, it could also put tremendous strain on their already weak heart.

If your sexual activity is negatively affected by your heart ill-health, you now have options that you never considered… simply because they were never presented to you. Don’t give up on this important part of your life without considering this wonderful option.

You first need to understand the ROOT CAUSE of sexual dysfunction. By first understanding the root cause, you can then easily see and understand the cure. Fact is, that which causes Heart Disease also causes Sexual Dysfunction. Yes, the root causes to most diseases are the same: Bad diet, Lack of nutrition, Overload of toxins, Poor detoxification, Mental over-stress (no rest), too much negative emotions, lack of exercise and other factors like so.

Without tackling the root causes, you could just end up overloading yourself with a ton of medication till your sex weapon is no longer triggered by even a dozen pills of Viagra.

So what do you do, just “change your diet” is it? Or add in some “nutrition” to your daily regimen? or go on a “detox”?

NO. It sounds simple in theory but the practical applications are complex. Why? Because you are heart patient. There are many complications that you are already succumbed to. Firstly, you have a weak heart, then you are under heart disease medications, probably already gone through a surgery etc. etc. Just buying some “detox” packages and using them randomly could trigger a havoc in your system and you wouldn’t even know what’s going on! It could worsen your situation. What then do you do?

The solution is to consult and undergo a Integrated & Holistic Heart Disease Treatment Program.

What is an Integrated & Holistic Heart Disease Treatment Program?
In simple words, it is a medical treatment approach that uses a COMBINATION of various therapies in a strategic way so to induce healing in the ENTIRE BODY of the patient. INTEGRATED = COMBINATION OF THERAPIES and HOLISTIC = ENTIRE BODY (not just the heart).


Some of the various therapies used in an Integrated Treatment are: Detoxification, Food, Nutrition, ECP Therapy, I.V. Chelation Therapy, Bio-Identical Hormonal Therapy, Stem-cell Therapy, Far-Infra-Red wave therapy, Physiotherapy, Medication etc. Each of these therapies have their strengths but also have weaknesses and therefore none of them if USE ALONE have the power to induce total healing in the patient. An integrated approach therefore, combines all/some of them (based on each patients condition) in a strategic way, so to induce healing in the entire body of the patient.

Firstly, Detoxification therapy helps to dissolve an flush out all excess plaque, crystallised fat, mucus and other accumulated waste from the body. Then Food & Nutrition therapy restores all necessary nutrients to the body so to induce cellular healing and regeneration. ECP Therapy is used to aid circulation for heart patients; ECP Therapy is sometimes referred to as “RESTING EXERCISE” because it produces almost the same effects as that of a 30 minute run. I.V. Chelation Therapy is used to dissolve hard plaque from the arterial walls (some patients have very thick plaque that is not easily broken down by just Detoxification; I.V. Chelation is used in such cases). Bio-Identical hormonal therapy is used to bring the hormones back into a balanced state. Far-infra-red wave therapy is used to induce the production of nitric oxide, so to then induce the relaxation of the blood vessels. Stem cell therapy is used to further induce cellular regeneration of not only the heart but all other damaged organs in the body as well. And medication is used to keep critical conditions of serious heart patients under control until healing starts to manifest in their body.


Hence, the heart patient is not only treatment of his/her heart disease but his entire body is treated and brought back to balance.

Patients that undergo such an Integrated & Holistic treatment not only experience a rejuvenated Heart & blood vessels but also, experience fat loss, increased energy levels, good sleep and of course… AWESOME SEX.

Dr Lee is the Medical Director and the mastermind behind the Integrated & Holistic Heart Disease Treatment Program here at Heal Within. Many heart patients who tried everything they could in the “conventional medical world” and totally burned themselves out, came to Dr Lee and experienced “miraculous” results.

If your Sexual Activity is now hindered due to your heart problem and you feel that this problem need to be solved at the earliest possible then, head over to Heal Within and talk to Dr Lee today!