The four year old boy quickly run towards her mother.

He saw a stranger came and she was trying to pick him up.

He hug his mother for protection but his mother smiled back to him, patting comfortably at the back.

“That’s your nanny, cupcake.”

He looked up. “Ha? That’s not nanny.”

“Yes, that’s your nanny’s grandmother.”

The boy looked closely at the old woman in front of him while she gave him a very warm and friendly smile.


Extending life to a 100 years of age seems impossible these days especially for Malaysians with increasing numbers of chronic illnesses. The number of chronic illnesses are on the rise year by year and premature death due to heart diseases simply indicate that our nations critically need to do something for healthier and productive generation.

Yet, in another region of the world, it is so breathtaking to know that there exist big group of people (the whole Korea nation in fact) who care to take care of their lives, exploring extensive integrated modalities as to meet one objective : Creating a generation of 100 years old

International Integrative Medicine Expo in Jang Heung Korea is sponsored by :

Ministry of Food & Drug Safety


Ministry of Health and Welfare.

It is a BIG EVENT of the year and widely marketed throughout the country.

This is how the expo site looks like. Can you imagine how big it is?

The atmosphere is so positive. Healthy living is being promoted all along

HealWithin Malaysia was very pleased and excited to be invited for such a big event! All costs (flight tickets, lodging, food, posters, printed materials) are sponsored by Korea’s government. Being the only chosen Malaysian’s heathcare services there, we strive our best to represent the country. Our delegates are Dr Lee, Ms Chong and Health Coach Anis.

Apart from experiencing a clean country environment (the roads and sideways are very clean), we also observe such a great culture of volunteerism. Youth in blue are all volunteers who dedicate their 1 month effort to support the government’s mission in promoting healthy generations via integrative medicine.

It was an honor to witness how other people advance in medicine. They manage to combat chronic illnesses optimally by integrating all modalities and strengths of each disciplines, aiming towards one objective : Towards a healthier generation. All experts from different specialties bow down and celebrate each other strengths, hence promoting greater hope for people.

We stayed there for 7 days and the experiences were remarkable. It was a very wonderful and enjoyable moment sharing our expertise while exchanging knowledge with one another, across countries.

Have you met our helpful friends, the translators who had been helping us conveying the message to the Korean people?

Meet our wonderful translators! One is studying in Philipine while the other is studying in Canada. Both of them are volunteers assigned for our lovely booth!

Hey! He even helped us translate the printed materials! Thank you so much dear.

Dr. Lee was so happy to exchange knowledge and gain new insights of integrative medicine from all over the world, just in one expo site! Happy learning Dr. Lee!


Life is just so precious isn’t it? We were great creations of God, capable to doing numbers of things. We govern the land, the skies and the seas. With right principles, we can make the world a better place to live in, right?

Medicine field is expanding. People are moving towards healing the body rather than controlling the symptoms. Any modalities that promote healing and improve quality of life would always likely be opted by people. To healthcare professionals who care to open their heart, bowing down and appreciate other expertise, willing to unlearn  and relearn the right science, the medicinal world is yours.

Congratulation for being brave to step further ahead and explore the new world of medicine!

Malaysia Boleh!


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