In this video, Lau Kim Leng explains his condition prior coming to Heal Within Malaysia and his transformed condition after his treatment at Heal Within.

Lau went through HealWithin Integrated Heart Treatment with integrated and regenerative medicine and a customized wellness program including ECP Treatment.

ECP Treatment Malaysia – ECP Treatment is gaining popularity in treatment for heart disease, diabetes, stroke etc. and also for general wellness and sports performance in Malaysia. However, ECP Treatment alone is not the answer although many may suggest such. ECP needs to be combined with integrated and regenerative medicine (natural combined healing therapy) and a customised wellness routine for optimum and long terms results.

In this video, Health Coach Kong Pun Pun explains the case of Lau Kim Leng (Dietitian & Nutritionist by profession), who joined HealWithin 3 months plus and she is excited to see Lau Kim Leng cut off 2 types of medication. She thought that high cholesterol medicine & high blood pressure medication has to take for the whole life. (Health Caoch interviewed in English)

In this Video, Dr Lee Cheng Lok explains the case of Lau Kim Leng; his condition before and after treatment, the treatment protocol used etc. Lau Kim Leng experienced a transformed healthy condition after his treatment at Heal Within.