Chances are very high that you witnessed or at least heard of an incident wherein a man/woman was known to be “healthy” per say, working “normally”, perhaps playing sports too and then all of a sudden one fine day, they got struck by a STROKE and died moments later. Cases like these are all over the place now-a-days.

Because Dr lee and his well trained team have the knowledge about the symptoms, causes and effective treatment to pre-stroke and post-stroke patients, we at Heal Within are very passionate about helping people prevent this deadly condition and also in helping stroke patients overcome this horrific condition.

TIA is short for TRANSIENT ISCHEMIC ATTACK – in simple terms, a MIN-STROKE caused by a blood clot in the arteries supplying the brain with vital blood. TIAs in most cases last a few minutes (albeit, can be longer) prior to the clot gradually being dissolved by anti-clotting agents in the body.

Ministroke Symptoms

  • Sudden numbness, weakness, or paralysis of the face, arms or legs – in most cases, experienced on one side of the body.
  • Sudden confusion and difficulty speaking, slurred or garbled speech, or difficulty understanding others.
  • Sudden trouble seeing in one or both eyes, or double vision.
  • Sudden difficulty walking, dizziness, or loss of balance or coordination.
  • Sudden headache.

heal-within-stroke-treatment-2 Symptoms of TIAs are much like to those of a stroke, the only difference is that, in TIAs they are temporary. No permanent damage is seen in the brain. Nevertheless, a ministroke could be a precursor and a serious warning to a possible stroke in the future. The people in the American Stroke Association calls TIAs a “warning stroke” cause being, a third of the people that experience a ministroke each year eventually have an actual stroke, and often within days or weeks!

Mini-strokes and strokes are both medical emergencies. Call an ambulance if symptoms occur. Your life may depend on fast action, diagnosis, and treatment.

Mini-strokes cases are generally seen in those over the age 50. Notwithstanding, 10 to 14 percent of mini-strokes and ischemic strokes – the most common type in which the carotid arteries leading to the brain are blocked by plaque – occur in young adults, even teenagers. Hence, no matter what your age, if you experience mini-stroke symptoms, don’t put it off.. take it seriously and get medical help.

Other Major Ministroke Risk Factors

  • Smoking
  • High blood pressure
  • Arterial disease – inflammation and plaque within the cardiovascular system, mostly in the carotid arteries that deliver blood to the brain
  • Atrial fibrillation – the heart’s irregular rhythm that can lead to clot formation
  • Diabetes
  • A family history of stroke

Ministroke Prevention and Treatment

Despite all that modern medicine can throw at stroke, methods like medicine and surgery have no capacity to heal a stroke condition; rather they simply control the condition from progressing further (albeit, while doing so, they cause damage elsewhere in the body – side effects). For that cause, prior to bringing your attention to the INTEGRATED & HOLISTIC STROKE PREVENTION/TREATMENT/REHAB PROGRAM in Heal Within, here are some tips that you may not hear from conventional doctors.

  1. Detoxification:

    Almost every disease can be tracked down to a root cause of an over-load of toxins in the body. Detoxification using highly potent natural herbs and/or juice-feasting are excellent ways to rid off toxins from the body. Detoxification has a significant impact on clearing up plaque, reducing blood pressure and normalising the entire body.

  2. The Right Diet:

    Prevention starts with eating a heart-healthy diet, which equates to a brain-friendly diet. That means an emphasis drastically reducing foods that are high in sugar and starch and instead consuming foods that are rich in nutrients. Doing so not only drastically reduces your chances to get a stroke but also could make you loose a lot of fat and cause you to look 5 years younger!

  3. Nutritional Supplements:

Co-enzyme Q 10 (CoQ10),
Fish or squid oil

4. Reduce Hypertension by reducing mental stress:

If you let your mind indulge in anxiety and stress, it can cause havoc in your system. You must find ways to defuse the stress. Techniques such as meditation, yoga, regular physical activity, and or simply bonding with family and friends in leisure activities can help.


Now, the above tips are all well and good; notwithstanding, if you are a patient, the practical implementation could feel complex and cumbersome to you. There are many complications that you could be already succumbed to. Firstly, you have a weak or plaqued circulatory system and probably a weak heart too, then you are under medications, probably already gone through a surgery etc. etc. Just buying implementing the tips shared above, or randomly using some “detox” packages sold in health stores, could trigger a havoc in your system and you wouldn’t even know what’s going on! It could worsen your situation. What then do you do?

The solution is to consult and undergo a Integrated & Holistic Stroke Healing Program… for Prevention / Post-stroke treatment / Post-treatment Rehab

What is an Integrated & Holistic Disease Stroke Healing Program?
In simple words, it is a medical treatment approach that uses a COMBINATION of various therapies in a strategic way so to induce healing in the ENTIRE BODY of the patient. INTEGRATED = COMBINATION OF THERAPIES and HOLISTIC = ENTIRE BODY (not just the heart and vascular system).


Some of the various therapies used in an Integrated Treatment are: Detoxification, Food, Nutrition, ECP Therapy, I.V. Chelation Therapy, Bio-Identical Hormonal Therapy, Stem-cell Therapy, Far-Infra-Red wave therapy, Physiotherapy, Medication etc. Each of these therapies have their strengths but also have weaknesses and therefore none of them if USE ALONE have the power to induce total healing in the patient. An integrated approach therefore, combines all/some of them (based on each patients condition) in a strategic way, so to induce healing in the entire body of the patient.

Firstly, Detoxification therapy helps to dissolve an flush out all excess plaque, crystallised fat, mucus and other accumulated waste from the body. Then Food & Nutrition therapy restores all necessary nutrients to the body so to induce cellular healing and regeneration. ECP Therapy is used to aid circulation for heart and stroke patients; ECP Therapy is sometimes referred to as “RESTING EXERCISE” because it produces almost the same effects as that of a 30 minute run. I.V. Chelation Therapy is used to dissolve hard plaque from the arterial walls (some patients have very thick plaque that is not easily broken down by just Detoxification; I.V. Chelation is used in such cases). Bio-Identical hormonal therapy is used to bring the hormones back into a balanced state. Far-infra-red wave therapy is used to induce the production of nitric oxide, so to then induce the relaxation of the blood vessels. Stem cell therapy is used to further induce cellular regeneration of not only the heart but all other damaged organs in the body as well. And medication is used to keep critical conditions of serious stroke and heart patients under control until healing starts to manifest in their body.


Hence, the stroke patient has not only a treatment of his/her heart disease but his entire body is brought back to balance.

Patients that undergo such an Integrated & Holistic treatment not only experience a rejuvenated Heart, Vascular and Nervous system, but also, experience fat loss, increased energy levels, good sleep and of course… AWESOME SEX!

Dr Lee is the Medical Director and the mastermind behind the Integrated & Holistic Heart Disease Treatment Program here at Heal Within. Many stroke and heart patients who tried everything they could in the “conventional medical world” and totally burned themselves out, came to Dr Lee and experienced “miraculous” results.