“I have been obese all my life and having hypertension for nearly 13 years, lack of exercises, and living the unhealthy lifestyle.

 For years, I was searching ways to achieved healthier lifestyle. I have tried many methods to lose weight such as slimming centre, massages, dieting and lots more. Unfortunately I did not succeed. I know something is wrong and I needed help!

 I was so scared to seek help until I braved myself for a checkup at Holistic Healthcare Clinic. After having consultation with Dr. Lee Cheng Lok, he makes me realize and understand what really happening to me. I was shocked and surprised! Truth hurts!

 From that day onwards, I decided to take charged of my health. Dr. Lee approaches for my health programme to me was unlike any other doctor. It is a combination of natural organic remedies and medication. Apart from treatment, Dr. Lee taught me about food, nutrition and how to eat properly (diet), he also challenges and motivates me with simple goals to be healthy.

 Changing from the usual normal routine to a healthy programme was really challenging. I was struggling at first but I never give up on myself. I moved on… It is truly a life changing experience! I keep track of any allergy and changes to my body throughout the programme.

 Dr. Lee and his staff, nurses and dietitian are always ready to help if I have any doubt. I started to see the changes to my body after just 2 to 3 months. The best thing is I am off my hypertension medication in the 4th month! Too Good to be True! As of now, I am still following Dr. Lee health programme and I look forward to be healthier soon.”