Post-Surgery Heart Rehab


Watch this short video where we go over Dr. Lee’s Integrated & Holistic Heart Disease Treatment Program. Dr. Lee discusses the components of the program, how it works, the features and benefits, and how to get started.

Our program is healing, rejuvenation, and rehabilitation oriented. It involves no surgery, pain, hospitalization, or degenerative side-effects. You will experience reduced cravings/addictions, fat loss, a restored sex drive, and a clear mind!

Watch now to see if this treatment is right for you!

Goals, Objectives & Focus of the Rehab Program

This program is NOT about just ‘Disease Management”!

Disease management is a treatment method that just controls the symptoms of the disease using medication and surgery. The diseased condition still exists in the patient and tends to worsen over time.

Our Integrated & Holistic Heart Disease Treatment Program will treat the symptoms of the disease, allowing for you to achieve wellness longevity. It will dissolve plaque, visceral fat, crystals in other organs, and other calcifications. Your entire body will be detoxified of accumulated toxins, restoring your nutrient and hormonal balance, and reviving your energy and vitality!

“To me, one surgery and yet a relapse of chest pain was enough, I did not want another surgery. There had to be a better way, and sure enough I found Dr Lee. If I tell you how I feel after Dr Lee’s treatment, you won’t believe me; so I strongly urge you to go through his program.. you won’t regret it.

Therapeutic Components

Dr Lee’s Integrated & Holistic Post-Surgery Heart Rehab Program is a STRATEGIC INTEGRATION (combination) of various therapeutic components listed below.

“No rehab method IF USED ALONE, can induce healing. A strategic INTEGRATION of two or more of these is most effective to induce rejuvenation of the patient’s body. I’m a witness to “miraculous results” in my patients by using this INTEGRATED & HOLISTIC treatment/rehab method.”

– Dr Lee Cheng Lok

How It Works

Not all Therapeutic Components are used to treat every patient. Rather, the program is TAILORED based on each PATIENT’S CONDITION.


When the patient first visits Heal Within®(Dr Lee’s Med Centre), he/she goes through the Pre-Program Diagnostic Test & Consultation, a set of diagnostic tests & medical history assessments. Then, based on that patient’s condition, Dr Lee tailors a program using two or more of the 8 major therapeutic components. The patient is then given a program execution schedule together with re-check & monitoring test dates.



The components that are to be executed by the patient on their own, (ex. Detoxification Therapy, Food & Nutrition Therapy), the patient does them at their home. And if ECP, Chelation or Far Infra-red therapies are part of the patient’s program, then he/she goes to the center on the scheduled dates and completes them there. Each patient is assigned a dedicated health coach; every patient’s condition and progress is closely monitored all through the program.


Since the program is tailored to each patient’s individual condition, it has no fixed duration. It’s only when the patient’s condition alleviates to a comparatively healthy state, that is when the program ends. Nevertheless, the patient is then given a health maintenance plan and a quarterly re-check schedule, so to continue the rejuvenation and restoration process and make sure that the patient never experiences a re-lapse again… healthy always!

Key Features & Benefits

stand against the other options?

Client Results and Testimonials

Mr. Ng

57, Businessman

To me, one surgery and yet a relapse of chest pain was enough, I did not want another surgery. There had to be a better way, and sure enough I found Dr Lee. If I tell you how I feel after Dr Lee’s treatment, you won’t believe me; so I strongly urge you to go through his program.. you won’t regret it.

Mr. Lau

61, Malaysia

After 2 by-pass surgeries, 13 medications and so much weakness from side-effects; I almost gave up… until I listened to Thomas Adams & met Dr Lee. Now, after completing his program, I’m only on 4 medications, feel young & strong again, and play badminton 4 days a week.

Mr. Nand

61, Malaysia

Integrated & Holistic Treatment were new words to me. Never heard of it prior meeting Dr Lee. Despite so many success stores, I was still very skeptical about starting it. But Dr Lee is such a patient man that he invested the time to educate me about his treatment protocol and the logic behind it. Seeing that there was nothing much to loose, I decided to give it a try. Just 2 months later I experienced such awesome results that I can’t stop talking about the greatness of this treatment. Don’t doubt, just go for it.

Mr. Rashid

70, Mauritius

I heard about the effectiveness of Dr Lee’s heart disease treatment program and I was confident that I could see an improvement in my constantly deteriorating condition if I just went through his program. I flew from Mauritius… and boy was the trip worth it. No more chest pain, side-effects of my medications reduced a lot, I feel more energetic, lost belly fat and I look younger!

Frequently Asked Questions

The program has no fixed duration because the program is tailored based on each patient’s condition.
Based on past records, most programs span between 2 to 6 months; which is the core therapies execution phase. After that, the patient is given a maintenance and re-check plan.

Most patients start to feel improvement after 2 to 4 weeks.

In the medical industry, doctors are not permitted to use words such as ‘heal’, ‘healing’ etc. This is the main reason why you don’t hear such words from many doctors.
Notwithstanding, using his Integrated & Holistic treatment method, Dr Lee has seen the condition of heart disease reversing to normal or near-normal numerous times in his patients.

Firstly a disclaimer: NO SPECIFIC RESULTS ARE GUARANTEED. Results are not typical and vary from patient to patient.

Nevertheless, what can be said is thus: The numerous patients that successfully completed Dr Lee Integrated & Holistic Heart Disease Treatment Program experience results such as: Reduction in plaque in blood vessels, Rejuvenation of heart & blood vessels, Rejuvenation of other diseased organs in body, Reduction of other diseased conditions (ex. diabetes, fatty liver etc.), Weaned-off or Reduced Medication; Improved Energy, Vitality & Sex-drive, Fat Loss, Reduced cravings to addictive substances, Mental clarity & Emotional stability and many other such positive results.

Chances are high that you too could experience these results because that is the objective, goal & focus of this program.

Most of Dr Lee’s patients are either totally off medications or reduced medications. By the end of the program they feel much stronger with more energy & vitality. You could be the next happy patient.

This is a HOLISTIC treatment program. Dr Lee treats the ENTIRE BODY as ONE SYSTEM. Rejuvenation of the entire body is the focus here.

Although the program is centred around heart disease, the program is tailored is a way, so to rejuvenate the entire body and not just the heart and blood vessels. To treat and heal* ALL organs in the body.

Many heart disease patients have other disease such as diabetes & high blood pressure. Most of them see a rejuvenation of their entire body; a drastic improvement in their other disease conditions as well.

The next rejuvenated body out of Heal Within could be yours!

The program is TAILORED to each patients’ individual condition. Therefore, there is no fixed cost.

The cost is determined by the number of Therapeutic components used and the time frame of treatment.

Patients having a mild condition may need a few Therapeutic components and a shorter time; while patients with a serious condition may need all therapeutic components and a longer time.

The cost can range anywhere from RM9,000 to RM25,000+