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Medical Director

Dr. Lee Cheng Lok, MD is the medical director of Heal Within. A graduate of the Universiti Putra Malaysia, Dr. Lee has over 13 years of experience in medicine and has delivered over 20,000 health reports. He teamed up with Cassandra Chong to establish Heal Within in 2014. He became interested in holistic medicine while working in hospitals. Since then, he has developed treatment plans and wellness programs based on integrative and regenerative approaches to medicine.

Combining western, herbal, naturopathic, and complementary medicine with a holistic approach, he helps patients achieve optimal levels of health. This approach addresses diet, lifestyle, nutritional therapy, detoxification, integrated health screening, weight control, mood psychology, and education. Dr. Lee is focused on individual treatment plans for each patient, to help every he assesses achieve results within his wellness programs like fat loss, weight gain, detox, and cleansing.

To date, Dr. Lee has helped over 1,000 patients avoid surgery and phase medication out of their treatment plans. With his medical treatments, Dr. Lee treats patients with various illnesses, including heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, hepatitis B & C, and cancer, using holistic methods. He has developed wellness programs and screening tests to identify potential problems within the body and address them using natural remedies.

Dr. Lee is certified by over 25 established integrated & regenerative medicine courses. He has participated in programs with the Society for Anti-Aging Aesthetic Regenerative Medicine Malaysia, the Homeopathic Medical Association of Malaysia, and the Society for Advancement of Hormones and Healthy Aging Medicine Malaysia.