John was at his usual job routine when he started feeling, what he described after as the “Achy Arms.” However, just like most of us, he ignores the pain as he related it to the workload until he felt a sudden pain in his heart, which later diagnosed as Heart Attack.


How do you know if it is related to heart or not? Along with many obvious and usual signs, there are other hidden bullies which could be a cause of heart disease. This article will cover some of the surprising causes of heart diseases that you never think of.

Constant Coughing: 

Surprising? Rare yet true. If a yellow or pinkish sputum comes out with cough, then this should not be ignored. It is an indicator that your heart is not functioning properly and it is leaking back blood to lungs.




Ignored by masses by yet it is an alarming sign of heart diseases. If you have a history of heart disorder then, next time you feel acidity, consult your doctor on prior basis.


Shoulder Ache:

Pain travel down the arm? Then it could be a surprising but possible symptom of heart dysfunction. As the pain which radiates down the arm is a chest pain which feels like the arm is in pain. This situation is clinically described as referred pain.



Jaw & Neck Pain:

Akin to the painful sensation in the arm, the pain in the chest may travel to neck and jaws as well. So, whenever there is any unusual pain in your neck and jaw line, the probability of heart problem should be considered.



Fatigue or tiredness:

It is usual or normal to get tired from time to time, however, if the extreme fatigue is crushing and lays you in bed, then it is not usual or typical. This constant fatigue indicates that something is bothering your heart and you must pay attention to it.




Snorting and heart diseases, does this surprising relation makes you stormed?  Then you do not have to be. Snoring, clinically known as Sleep Apnoea is a condition where you feel difficulty in breathing, and it can put immense pressure on the heart.




Dizziness is an indication that the heart is finding it difficult to pump blood to the brain.



Swollen Ankles & Legs:

Often related to the walking, these swollen feet could be an alarming symbol. Our feet swell when the heart is unable to pump adequate blood to the body, and the blood in the veins started to bloat.



Sexual Dysfunction:

Referred to the problem in the reproductive organ this dysfunction found its roots in the cardiovascular activity. Aforementioned is associated especially with males. However, women in their post-menopause stage may develop the factors that could lead to cardiac diseases. However, one perspective to keep in mind is that menopause itself does not cause cardiovascular diseases.




Are you feeling difficulty in catching your breath? Then this irregular heartbeats or palpitations is a logical problem to consult it with the doctor.



Mentioned above are few symptoms that should never be ignored; when arteries and heart start dysfunction the symptoms could appear in rather unrelated body parts.