Matthias T.

Had a great few hours of consultation with Dr. Lee.
Very thorough and detail oriented.
Holistic alternative treatment that everyone can benefits from.

Chang P.

Initially, I was skeptical about the treatment but my general health condition improved after a month in the treatment program. Now I m not sleepy and not tired most of the time, physically increase in energy level and mentally able to concentrate/focus better. Moreover, my skin itchiness which I was suffering for past 7 years is now a problem of the past.
I am confident Dr Lee together with his dedicated team will find solutions to heal my other medical problems through his Integrated and Chronic Disease treatment approach.

Bayenn M.

The center provided the best consultant and the best part was the psyology support, for most people it is most important of coz it for me

Leneè T.

Well, how should I say this.
The center provide some very comprehensive understanding, and investigation, in term of my ”issues” and my husband’s.
We spend some hours going through with Dr. Lee and he’s one remarkable person. We have a great vibe and all in all, great respect for his practice and wide deep knowledge, especially in the heavy metal detoxification aspect.
We’ve another follow up appointment this coming Saturday to access further ”stuff”.
Special thanks to Dr. Lee and his team!
Keep up the good work ?

Telly C.

Thanks to HealWithin ! Finally we got him � and now I have a healthier life ! I have made my own choice, what about “you” ?