The integrated holistic medical doctor and the teeth!

Human being is a highly “sophisticated” creation created by The Almighty. Just look at your bones. It serves as a structural support without which, we cannot move. Teeth and bones are some of the organs that remain long after we died.

Hey, it can remains really really long eih!
Somehow, if we don’t take good care of our teeth, it can easily get rotten and die even before we died. Thus, if you look into the mirror and see the shining teeth, don’t forget to say “Thanks” to your mom who had been diligently educating you to take care of your teeth.
Lately, our beloved doctor had been emphasizing on teeth examination as it can be one of the root cause of diseases. Heavy metals like mercury can displaces nutrients in our body, resulting in dysfunctioning of organs. As an analogy, just imagine the car manufacturer replaces the round tyre to square tyre. The products would be cars with square tyre. Can the car move? Of course not. The same issues apply here. When zinc compete with foreign bodies like mercury, the cells that need zinc would be replaces with mercury. We may see weird diseases occur because of such toxins interruption.
And it is breathtaking to see our patients regaining better blood pressure control after removing the toxins out through our detox program and chelation therapy! Congratulation! Less medication consumption, less side effects, better quality of life (^_^)