Chemotherapy is a conventional treatment method for cancer. But however, chemotherapy has degenerative side-effects that most cancer patients are not aware of. Therefore, this article will attempt to do just that.


The side affects of chemotherapy may badly affect your healthy cells. It affects the cells in bone marrow, excessive hair fall, and digestive track and can harm the reproductive system.

Circulatory and Immune Systems:

In chemotherapy, blood is monitored on a daily basis to check the cells to guard cells being harmed by chemo drugs because blood cells are produced in bone marrow. Chemo drugs can damage your cells and cause many problems. Red blood cells are essential because they are the primary blood cells in the body and a lower count of red blood cells can cause anemia and a range of other diseases. The patient affected by anemia can be diagnosed by many symptoms including:

1.    Fatigue

2.    Pale skin

3.    Cold chills

4.    General weakness

Similarly, white blood cells are important because they guard the cells and fight against infections. Moreover, platelets are called cells, and they work as the blood clot. Its deficiency may result in bleed easily, like bleeding from the nose, in stool, etc. Chemo drugs also affect the heart and cause (arrhythmia). It affects heart pumping and heart beat rate and can increase the risk of heart attack.

Nervous and muscular system:

Chemo drugs can badly affect the human central nervous system. These drugs weaken the thinking ability of the patient, and becomes a difficulty for the patient to concentrate on things. This problem is called “Chemo fog.” Similarly, these drugs can be the reason for stress and anxiety.

Many chemo drugs also damage muscles and make them weaken and stiffed. The patient feels tiredness and pain in hands and feet.

Digestive system:

Chemo drugs also affect digestive track and result in sore, dry mouth and problem in chewing. However, many patients complain about white or yellowish tongue with bad taste.

Not even this but these powerful drugs can also cause gastrointestinal problems which may result in nausea. Some other problems including:

1.    Diarrhea

2.    Constipation

3.    Dehydration

4.    Bloating and gas

Skin, Nails, and Hair (Integumentary System):

Chemotherapy badly affect the hair follicles and result in hair loss which is called alopecia. Patients can get it within the first week of the treatment. This hair loss may occur on eyebrows, head, and eyelashes and even on the body.

People having chemotherapy may even face skin irritations or allergies like itching and rash.

Similarly, nails and toe may become yellowish and cranky. However, it slows down the process of nails growth and which cause infections in nails.


Sexual and reproductive system:

Chemo drugs can have severe effect on hormones. Particularly in women, they have to face irregular periods or a sudden attack of menopause. It can make them infertile temporary and sometimes permanently. Women also face dry vaginal tissues and severe itching. Not this but also have a problem during intercourse.

Chemotherapy also affects men and lower their sperm count, and in this way infertility is possible. Fatigue, tiredness and irritating mode may disturb couples sex drive, but many couples still enjoy a healthy relation even in chemotherapy without considering the pains and problems.

Bladder and kidneys (Excretory system):

The kidneys and bladder work in coordination to eliminate the chemotherapy drugs from the body. Hence, in this process, the cells in bladder and kidney may damage and become irritated. However, the symptoms of kidneys damage include:

1.    Delay in urination

2.    Headache

3.    Swelling in hand and feet

Moreover, the damage of bladder includes burning sensation during urination and increasing frequency of urine.

To avoid such situation, you are advice to drink more and more water and flush out the drugs from your body on time. It is significant to notice that in the first week you will observe your urine orange, but this will be alright in a few days.

Skeletal System:

Chemo drugs can affect your overall body in different forms in which weight loss is also prominent especially in women. The calcium level becomes suddenly decrease in women and can even cause post- menopause.

According to the survey 90%, women get osteoporosis due to breast cancer. In chemotherapy, everything is related to body and affective harm it.

Psychological and Emotional devastation:

Due to cancer, many patients feel fatigue and mode swings due to chemo drugs. They may feel stressed, anxious and fearful and however, this damage their health.

In this case, special medication and massage are provided to the patients to relief their stress. There is also any option of local cancer support group where people are suffering from cancer talk to each other to share their stress and get relief.