When the heart pumps blood through the arteries, the blood presses against the walls of the blood vessels. In people who suffer from hypertension, this pressure is abnormally high. If blood pressure is elevated, the heart must work harder to pump an adequate amount of blood to all the tissues of the body.

Whether blood pressure is high, low or normal depends on several factors :

  • The output from the heart

  • The resistance to blood flow of the blood vessels

  • The volume of blood

  • Blood distribution to the various organs.

Blood pressure is represented as a pair of numbers. The first is the systolic pressure, which is the pressure exerted by the blood when the heart beats, forcing blood into the blood vessels. This reading indicates blood pressure at its highest. The second reading is the diastolic pressure, which is recorded when the heart is at rest in between beats, when the blood pressure is at its lowest. Both figures represent the height that a column of mercury (Hg) reaches under the pressure exerted by the blood. The combined blood pressure reading is then expressed as a ratio of sytolic blood pressure to diastolic blood pressure such as 120/80

Most of the time, people with hypertension would be informed that the causes of hypertension is genetic. If your father or mother had hypertension, you would most likely have hypertension too. The question is, how true such statement is.

Blood pressure is such a complex mechanism of blood regulation that requires adequate nutrients to ensure optimum functioning. Deficiencies of nutrients in a long run can reduce the efficiency of blood regulation. Nutrients such as magnesium, calcium and potassium are found to be effective in controlling the blood pressure.  On the other hand, toxins such as heavy metals (mercury from amalgams) may displaces essentials mineral and affect the regulation mechanism, hence making the blood pressure unstable.

Thus, high blood pressure itself is just a symptoms signalling that your body is on “fire”. The root causes need to be investigated in order to eliminate it while building up the body to function optimally.

Case Sharing:

A 50 year old woman was diagnosed with hypertension since she was at the age of 30 years old. Ever since, she had been taking 3 types of hypertensive medication. With strict monitoring, the blood pressures were still unstable and complicate her body condition. The recent check-up revealed that she developed mild ischemic stroke.

At Healwithin, she was being treated with Bio-Identical Hormone therapy, nutritional therapy and herbal therapy. The treatment had gradually put her blood pressure under control. However, it is still not optimal. Hence, an investigation on heavy metal toxicity was done to investigate the underlying root causes. The investigation revealed that she was intoxicated with mercury and other elements of heavy metals.

IV Chelation and nutrition was given to detoxify the heavy metals. As a result, the blood pressure normalise.

Currently, she has no longer taking any hypertensive medications. Thus, the side effects of the drugs had also diminishes such as headache and tremor. She can sleep better and she feels more energetic. Since she’s not depending on the medication to control the blood pressure, she is now less stressful!

Cut down medication, avoid surgery, improve quality of life!