Patient Case Sharing: Hypothyroidism due to toxicity

Mdm. H , 60 years old


  1. She was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and was advised to go for a surgery.
  2. She has been taking 3 types of medication and had been suffering from hyperthyroidism symptoms.

Patient Complaint:

  1. She had palpitation
  2. Heatiness
  3. Weight drop unintentionally. Her usually weight was 51kg, but on September 2015, her weight is 43 kg and now (Jan 2016) become 42.5kg

Patient Objective:

Seeking for 2nd opinion

Heal Within Treatment Protocols:

  1. Find out the root causes – Investigation on the blood test, hormonal profile test and toxin test
  2. Total Health Detoxification Program – 15 Days
  3. Rehabilitation Treatment – Nutrition Therapy, Herbal Therapy & Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy
  4. Detoxificaition Treatment to remove the Heavy Metal/Toxin
  5. Dietary advise – cut down met intake & vegetables blend


  1. Patients gradually improves after the treatment and does not need to got surgery
  2. Cut off thyroid medication (IMPROVE Quality of Life)

Cut down medication, avoid surgery, improve quality of life!