Patient Case Sharing: Multiple Sclerosis

Ms. M, Female 33 years old, Maldives

Date visited Heal Within: August 2016


Multiple sclerosis, patient unable to walk properly for a month and rely on her husband and had UTI

Patient Objectives:

  1. To restore her body damage after the relapsed of multiple sclerosis
  2. To prevent future recurrence of multiple sclerosis
  3. To find out the cause of lower limb weakness

Heal Within Treatment Protocols:

  1. Find out the root causes – Investigation on the blood & hormonal profile test
  2. Treatment for UTI
  3. Nutrient Therapy, Herbal Therapy & Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy
  4. Dietary advise


August 2016

After a week of treatment & hypoallergenic diet, patient claims that she has improvements in terms of standing up and walking.

Able to climb up stairs case and climb down as well.

Left foot numbness is reduced, able to stand up with minimal assistant, both lower limb weakness is reduced, no fever, no UTI symptoms, urinary retention is reduced, night urine reduced to 1 time at night

October 2016

She went back to Maldives. She continues with the nutrients, hormonal and herbal therapy and at the same time doing the physiotherapy.

About 4 months and she had a lot of improvements

January 2017

She can walk at the beach, the leg become so much good and her energy also become great. (IMPROVE Quality of Life)