Stroke Rehab Treatment


What is stroke

When blood flow to an area of brain is cut off, it is called a “brain attack” or stroke. The affected brain cells will be deprived of oxygen and begin to die. When brain cells die during a stroke, abilities controlled by that area of the brain will be lost. Examples of abilities controlled by brain are memory and muscle control.

What is stroke rehabilitation treatment

Stroke rehabilitation treatment aims to help an individual achieve the highest level of function, independence and quality of life possible. At HealWithin, our doctor is dedicated to look into the root cause of illness, eliminate the contributing damaging factors and at the same time build up the body using various modalities


Why do you need stroke rehabilitation treatment

Stroke itself is an alarm, signalling that there is a “fire” in the body. Since there are various factors that could lead to stroke, investigating the root cause is important to prevent future recurrence. At the same time the body needs fuel and raw materials for repairment and build up.

Blood flow itself is a unique system that serves as a transportation mechanism in the body. Nutrients, hormones, enzymes and a lot more will be transported via blood system. Somehow, the ‘unwanted’ components will also be transported throughout the blood stream such as homocysteine and free radicals which may be the culprit of blood vessels damage. As we look deeper into the matter, there are various factors which lead to this, thus the treatment is much individualised.

All in all, through integrated treatment, damaging factors will be eliminated and the body will be provided with raw materials to boost up body repairment. As a result, patient’s condition will be improved and quality of life will be optimized.


How do we provide our treatment here at HealWithin?

To improve blood flow to brain :

–  External counter pulsation (ECP) is an intelligent machine which helps stimulate the body to generate new blood vessels and opens up narrow blood vessels.

To provide raw materials for body repairment and build up :

–  Nutrients and herbals, individualised and consistent with client’s condition will be prescribed by the Doctor.

To improve and optimize body functioning.

–  In some cases, hormonal deficiency may affect the patients’ condition. Thus, bio-identical hormonal therapy is one of the modalities we provide to help improve the patient’s condition.